Mindfulness Workshop


Pause - Observe - Smile - Go on!

Life is gathering pace by the minute.

A million things to do and see, yet so little time. 

Stress from work is mounting day by day and work life balance has gone for a toss.

Our minds are distracted by a million seductive and addictive social media posts everyday.

As a result, we are overstretched and overstressed. Many are feeling the symtoms of 'Burnout' or depression due to this. Lifestyle diseases are spreading like wildfire amongst the city people.

We need to find a remedy to this metro madness and sadness.

Mindfulness has the power to solve these modern day maladies

It can heal the ailments of the mind and body without medicines and create positive energy to propel you towards your goals.

Mindfulness can help you lead richer life with more awareness and conciousness

It can help in getting off from an 'Auto-Pilot' mode to self control mode. 

You can chart the course of your life by being more observant.

Mindfuness also helps increase focus and concentration.

 It is specially benefical for students who have to study great amount of syllabus, but their minds are under constant stress and pressure. Mindfulness could help them destress and focus better.

What you will experience in the workshop

  • Understanding mindfulness
  • Benefits of mindfulness
  • Mindful meditation techniques
  • Managing emotions by mindfulness
  • Mindful eating for better health
  • An opportunity to relax and de-stress

Methodology .

  • Experiential
  • Immersive
  • Interactive
  • Activity based

Time & Place .

Reach by - 2.00 PM

Registration - 2.00-2.30 PM

with networking & Tea

Workshop - 2.30 PM to 6.00 PM


Khadi Eco Basket (Yoga Hall)

Prenderghast road

Near Paradise Circle


Google map link - https://goo.gl/maps/g9aGqvhi5PM2

For any query please contact 

Riyaz - 9891104026

Happy to Help!

Who can benefit .

All learners and seekers

Students and teachers

Young, middle ones and seniors

Stressed minds

Happy and peaceful minds

There's something for everyone

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the facilitators

Col Riyaz Khan


Wellness Expert & Coach, with over 31 years of professional experience. 21 years in the Army and 10 years in Corporate Training. On a Mission - to spread Health and Happiness in the world.

Suneeta Lawrence


Success Coach, Life Coach with over 16 years of professional experience.  Associate Certified Coach from the International Coach Federation. Loves to reach out and Help & Heal.

An introduction to the workshop


We have limited seats for the workshop. Please register early to book your spot. Thanks

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